5 Things You Should Seriously Consider When Online Shopping

Maan de Vera
Posted at June 10, 2020


We can’t believe we’re saying this, but going to the mall is simply no longer the same. Whether you’re one of those who are still not allowed to leave your homes or if you can go out but refuse to do so because it’s too much of a hassle (and a health risk, TBH), it’s safe to say that the way we buy our stuff has truly changed because of this pandemic. And, for this, we would like to thank the retail gods for giving us online shopping.

However, you should really think twice before you checkout your carts or send that order form. Here are 5 things you should seriously consider when online shopping:

1. The payment method. There are many easy payment methods that one can make use of when shopping online. However, you have to be especially wary when you provide your bank info to certain websites. Be sure that you’re transacting with only known and trustworthy sites, otherwise it would really be best for you to opt for cash on delivery instead.

2. The return and refund policy. It’s possible that something you’ve physically seen and inspected from an actual store to have a defect and notice it only after getting home. What more if you’ve only seen them in pictures? Remember that you are legally allowed to a return or a refund. This is especially helpful if your purchase turns out to be flawed, misrepresented or is simply wrong.

3. The seller. Check the seller first. It would always be best to buy from those who are already credible and have a significant amount of customers already. While it’s also okay to try newbie shops, just remember that this comes with a lot of risks. So, when transacting with them, it would be best to ask questions first so that you’ll know what to expect. It’s also great if you can buy from those that you personally know.

4. The details on the description. A good online store would provide you all the basic information that you would need about their products and answers to other FAQs. It would be best to check this thoroughly first before messaging the shop for any further questions or placing your order. By doing so, you’ll be doing yourself a favor by being completely aware of what you’re getting. 

5. The online reviews. Don’t just look at the number of stars that other buyers have provided. Take the time to read their comments as well. Aside from this, it would be smart on your part to look at the photos provided by them, too. This is (more often) a more honest presentation of the item. It may take more of your time, but this will definitely save you money in the long run.

Nothing beats the rush of unboxing your orders when they arrive. It’s fun to treat yourself once in a while. However, just remember that, at a time like this, it would be best that we keep our spending habits in check and buy only the things that we really need.

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