KODALINE Will Return To Original Roots In New Album ‘One Day At A Time’

Camille Santos
Posted at June 03, 2020

"This is the longest time we have been at home in like six, seven years maybe," said Vinny May Jr., in complete contrast to when MYX last talked to the Irish rock band Kodaline wherein they opened up about missing their loved ones while they are away, touring the world.

Since that January interview, Kodaline has gone on to release three singles, the latest being "Saving Grace" off their upcoming fourth album One Day At A Time. Vinny tells MYX that the newest single and the album as a whole is a reminder to "appreciate the little things." He added, "I think people can get lost, get hung up on materialistic things or worry about keeping up with appearances, and they kinda lose sight of the real important things which is, like, your family and your friends."

"Saving Grace" also arrived with a music video—a compilation of various clips of people quarantining together around the world. "It’s kind of there’s like camaraderie in the fact that we’re all in this together," Vinny explained of the video concept. "So we kind of want to get a video that would help people show that."

Courtesy: Kodaline

Vinny revealed that he, Steve Garrigan, Mark Prendergast, and Jason Boland were involved in every step of the album process, which he said would please fans as it resulted to a return to the band's original roots.

The 10-track One Day At A Time is due out June 12. Until then, watch our MYXclusive interview with Vinny below to find out more about what the band has been up to in quarantine and their upcoming music projects.

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