6 Tips On Organizing Your Desk At Home

Mariel Abanes
Posted at May 22, 2020


Do you find yourself guilty of owning a messy desk? You’re not alone! Not everyone is organized to a T, but it doesn’t hurt to keep things neat and tidy from time to time. And now is the perfect time to move your stuff around and get things on your desk in order.

While we know that school’s out, your workspace is still essential for personal projects or even your daily journal entries. Spare a good few hours to focus on giving new life to a chaotic surface—a clear and well-kept space creates more freedom for ideas and creativity!

It isn’t exactly the Marie Kondo way, but these tips will help you arrange and classify the needs and the excesses that badly need sorting. Hop onto the groove and start organizing!

1. First, declutter. Check empty pens that should be tossed out, stack those papers to the bin, throw that empty box that’s been sitting there for months, and get rid of things that no longer serve a purpose on your desk to make space for things that matter.

2. Make use of organizers. Now that you’ve tossed out the non-essentials, compartmentalizing your items comes next. Get a nice organizer where you can place your supplies like sticky notes and markers. Utilize your wall and hang file or item holders, then designate those pockets for specific stuff so you can easily find what you need. Stick labels if necessary.

3. Build a shelf over your desk. A stacked pile of books on your desk that you barely touch is considered clutter. To keep them heaped, build a shelf over your desk instead. It makes your stuff accessible without maintaining unnecessary clutter. You can also place other items on those shelves, like a potted plant!

4. Optimize other storage space. Keep items that you don’t normally use out of your sight by fitting storage boxes near your work station. Aside from your desk drawers (if you have it,) crates are a cute option, as well as old, sturdy boxes that you can paint and stack together!

5. Keep those cables out. Buy some cable ties to fix tangled problems. Soon, you won’t need to worry about interweaved cables.

6. Combine style and function. Assess the amount of decor you want to place on your desk. Better opt for practical pieces that double as eye candy, like uniquely-shaped glass containers as pen holders, compact lamps in cute designs, and so on.

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