Power Vocalist FAOUZIA Describes KELLY CLARKSON Collab As "Dream Come True"

Camille Santos
Posted at May 21, 2020

There's no time like this period of self-quarantine to discover fresh talents and you're going to want to keep tabs on Faouzia, a 19-year-old Canadian-Moroccan artist, who has already worked with the likes of industry veterans Kelly ClarksonDavid Guetta, and most recently, Galantis for the Scoob! track "I Fly."

Blending her low and emotive voice with power pop records, this youngin demands to be heard loud and clear. She recently told MYX, "Expect a lot of new music coming out. Some of which I’ve shared a little bit online and some of which will be complete surprises."

There's a lot more to learn about Faouzia, and luckily, she let us into the best moments of her young career in a MYXclusive interview with VJs Ai dela Cruz and Samm Alvero.

How her love for music started

"I’ve always loved music. It’s hard to explain but it was just always something that I knew that I love to do and I always wanted to do," she said, adding how she has "always had this hunger to learn more instruments." In fact, Faouzia knows how to play the piano, guitar, and violin. She also went on to reveal that she wrote her first song when she was 6 years old, and started performing at 8.

"At around [12 to 13 years old], I started to really practice my vocal runs, and I would listen to artists like BeyoncĂ©, Rihanna—[those] with huge beautiful pop voices. And I was like, 'I wanna be that powerful. I wanna have a voice like that.'"

She's taking up computer engineering and doing music at the same time

"I kinda just found myself doing it," she admitted. "Because I’ve always loved school. I knew that I really wanted to go to university and to pursue my education because I’m a really big bookworm. Something that not many people know about me [is that] I love math, I love science so I decided to stick to it and enroll in engineering, and I’ve been doing music at the same time."

She plans on doing something she's never done before for the "Secrets" music video

She wrote "Secrets" almost two years ago during her first summer in Los Angeles. "I was working with this really talented producer—his name is Jesse Shatkin—and we just kind of got a vibe going and we clicked instantly," she shared. "And so I wanted to write about how sometimes it feels like my loved ones can't really open up to me, and it feels like there’s kind of like a barrier. And how it's always like, if I love [you] and I'm close to you, it's always gonna be judgment-free. You can always come talk to me. Whatever you have on your mind, just let it out."

As for the music video concept, Faouzia said: "Since it’s a lot more fun than my usual stuff, I wanted to have something a little more energetic and special for this specific video. And so I'm hoping to do dancing. I’ve never done anything like it before. I’ve been practicing a lot."

How special it was to work with her parents on the lyrics of her collab with Kelly Clarkson

She recalled how she immediately agreed to the collab with Kelly and described it as a "dream come true." "The next day, I was with my parents and they helped me translate the words [to Arabic]," she shared. "It was just such a special moment because I got to do it with my parents. [They] have always been like such huge supporters of me, so being able to work on something special to me with them... I can't even put into words how much more special it makes it, you know."

How she got over writer's block thanks to "Tears of Gold"

"I wrote this song when it felt like i had no ideas left. I had such a huge mental block. Then I went to the studio and the producer J Mike started kind of messing around with chords, and all of a sudden I thought of the title 'Tears of Gold' and I just started writing away."

How a phone call for a David Guetta collab interrupted what she thought was just another regular school day

Faouzia is thankful that the digital age opened up a lot of opportunities for young musicians including herself. In fact, "Battle" with DJ-producer David Guetta "was done through the internet." She said, "I remember I was still in high school when I got the phone call from my manager. I was on lunch break and I was about to go in my Calculus class and you know, not expecting anything of this sort to happen. It was just another regular day. He was like, 'David Guetta is working on an album and there's a song called battle, so he wants you to try out for it.' And I was like, 'You're lying to me!'"

Watch the full MYXclusive interview below:

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