6 Underrated Disney Movies That Made Us Cry

Karen Jane Ng
Posted at May 21, 2020

Yes, Disney movies are our weakness. For their magical to true-to-life stories and educational to inspiring themes, they definitely have not only made it as our bosom buddy while growing up but as well as become the strongest trigger to make us cry. How can the tears not fall when Mufasa died or when Sulley bid his goodbye to Boo? It's quite impossible to stop it the moment Mr. Fredricksen decided to let go of his house, and Andy gave away his toys to attend college. Sigh.

You're probably all familiar to the movies we just noted down but you should know that there are so much more Disney productions that deserve credits for emotional impact. We've listen some of the most underrated below:

1. Bridge To Terabithia

We sure can consider this a beautiful fairytale as a young bullying victim Jess found himself an ally in new girl Leslie, then together "discovered" a place far from reality - not until we got close to the ending. This story of friendship is no joke.

2. Meet The Robinsons

Disney is a master of thinking out of the box, bringing its audience to the future and to tears. See this film about inventor Lewis who used a time machine trying to find his mother oblivious of what he'll actually find out instead.

3. Brother Bear

This tells the tale of a hunter who killed a bear and as a punishment was turned into a bear himself. He met a cub who he later treated as his own family. But don't get lost in their happy moments. A sad reality might hit you hard in the end.

4. Bambi

It depicts the curiosity of a young deer growing up in the forest with the guidance of her mother, and along the way meets new friends. Not only that, the movie also span the cruel behaviour of human towards nature and that's where the sad part begins.


Set in the 29th century when the Earth is consumed by technological advancements, environment is neglected, and humans are almost nowhere to be seen, this movie follows a lonely waste-collecting robot who learns about mankind and feelings as he falls in love with another robot. We won't spoil, but they didn't easily get a happy ending.

6. Mars Needs Moms

A boy living on Earth hates to follow his mother's orders and drastically wished to not have her in his life. His mother was then abducted by Martian guards who plan to bring her to their planet and implant her maternal instinct to future nannybots. You don't really know how powerful one's words are.

We give it to Disney for never failing to tug on our heartstrings. They know exactly where they're located. Bring out the tissues!

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