5 One-Liners to Keep In Mind Whenever You're Feeling Down

Maan de Vera
Posted at May 12, 2020


We’ve all been there: feeling like the universe has conspired to tear us apart, crush our dreams, and disappoint us in unimaginable ways. Especially with our current situation, it’s undeniable that our mental health is taking a big hit as each day passes. It can truly be incapacitating at times, yes. While there isn’t a one-size-fits all way to cope, a couple of one liner pick-me-ups is surely a step in the right direction.

Here are some of the mantras that you should keep in mind whenever you’re feeling down.

1. “You don't need to have everything figured out.”
You’re not required to be on top of your game 24/7. You just have to do your best and sometimes, that means just getting through. There’s nothing wrong with taking a breather whenever things are getting overwhelming for you. Keep in mind that the more that you rush things, the more likely you’ll end up getting burnt out.

2. “Sometimes it takes an overwhelming breakdown to have an undeniable breakthrough.”
It may seem weird, but that’s how life really works at times. Things have a habit of getting incredibly confusing before they start falling into place and coming into focus. So, if it looks like the world around you is falling apart, maybe it’s because it’s setting you up for better things. 

3. “You will grow through this.”
No matter what happens, everything is bound to come to an end. This includes whatever it is that’s bothering you right now.  So even if it hurts, you just need to face the situation head on. In this case, once the situation is finally over, you’ll see that you’ve forged new learnings and that you came out of it  stronger than before.

4. “Stop expecting to find happiness in other people.”
A lot of us are in an emotional slump due to making the mistake of allowing our moods to be controlled by other people. Don’t come running to others in order to feel good. Instead, find what truly brings you joy and create that within yourself. Make the choice to be the person who makes you happy.

5. “If you can’t beat fear, just do it scared.”
With so much time in our hands, a lot of us are stuck in a rut because we’re afraid. You may think that there’s nothing that you can do, but the truth is that your mind is just hindering you from taking a leap of faith. Just like everything else, there are times when you just gotta fake bravery until you’re actually becoming unfazed.

Bad days are bound to come. That’s just life. But how we choose to rise above these moments is what truly counts. When the situation calls for it, don’t hesitate to ask for help. But first, don’t forget to help yourself, too!

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