5 Easy-To-Do Refreshments to Beat The Heat

Karen Jane Ng
Posted at May 12, 2020

How is your stay-at-home situation going? Ours, not cool especially with the scorching heat forcing its way inside our houses everyday, UGH. Taking a shower isn't enough anymore, turning on the aircon all day won't be very practical and, definitely, a trip to the beach is out of the question right now. So, what do we do to survive this unbearable weather?

Refreshment is the trick. We've been spending our time learning easy cool-down recipes that we can do on our own apart from the usual and mandatory iced coffee daily, and since sharing is caring, here you go:

1. Ice candy
Water and your favorite flavored drink mix - or if you have fresh fruits at home - can help you big time in dealing in this hot weather. Make sure your freezer is set.

Courtesy: Kusina chef 

2. Milo dinosaur
Obviously, you'll be needing the chocolate powder, milk - condensed if possible - water and ice cube. You can even top it with ice cream if you have one available.

Courtesy: heytheresia

3. Dalanghita/Calamansi slushie
We hope you have these citrus fruits stocked up in your fridge! We don't know about you, but it's the one thing synonymous to refreshing. Get your blender ready.

Courtesy: Pepper

4. Coffee jelly
There's no stopping you from sticking to your love for coffee, but let's give it some twist. Sweeten the instant coffee more with a mix a gulaman mix and all-purpose cream, yes?

Courtesy: Mortar and Pastry 

5. Icebox sandwich
How about you go for this frozen treat only made up of instant pudding and milk mix filling put in between plain crackers? Sounds really cool.

Courtesy: Tasty 

With all the things going on in our lives right now, we shouldn't let the sweltering temperature be the one to let us down. We hope that these recipes in a way help you keep your cool during this time!

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