#ChalkAsks: What's Your Favorite Underrated Song From One Direction?

Karen Jane Ng
Posted at April 26, 2020

We've got a whole lot of history with One Direction. So ever since we heard the tea straight from Liam Payne that he and the lads have been speaking a lot with each other about a possible celebratory reunion for their impending 10th anniversary - that, after four years of us pretending we're just fine with their indefinite hiatus - trust us, our everyday has become a whole train wreck. 

You think we can stand three more months until we know for sure if it's going to happen? And if Zayn will be part of it? We're not sure but we don't want to ask Liam to talk more or else, Louis might just egg his house. But if we're to claim it, we'd like to give 1D an idea of what to do on the big day: Sing their best underrated songs and redeem the attention that they deserve in the first place. Which songs are those? Hear your fellow Directioners' picks out:

"For me, 'If I Could Fly' from Made In The A.M. is my most favorite underrated One Direction track. It's a song about vulnerability, you can feel the pain in the way they sing it and in the lyrics. I love how each member's emotional vocals shine because the arrangement is so simple, piano lang mostly yung accompaniment. So raw yet so beautiful. Honorable mentions are 'Fool's Gold,' 'Fireproof,' 'Spaces,' and 'Over Again.'" -Regina, 24

"'More Than This', not only because of the vocals but also the lyrics. Isa 'to sa mga kanta na buo pa sila. 'Yung different vocals nila maririnig mo dito sa kanta na 'to. And ito yung album na halos lahat may music video 'yung kanta. Laging nasa hit charts." -Grace, 26

"'Half A Heart' somehow manages to work its way into bloodstreams and wring every bit of pain we feel over a heartbreak. It’s definitely one of the boys’ more slowed down tracks that highlights their powerful vocals." -Camille, 23

"'Fool's Gold.' It's not the typical pop music that we associated with 1D. The melody reminds you of the pain of your first heartbreak." -Claire, 22

"'Act My Age' Sobrang saya lang nung song. It's about youth and friendship and parang nostalgia when you get together with your old friends." -LJ, 23

"I think the most underrated 1D song is 'Ready To Run' because it carries a great message that there is nothing to be afraid of and the most special thing that we can have in this world is the freedom to try new things. It has a great tune and empowering lyrics that remind us it may be scary at first, but such is life." -Paula, 24

"'Stockholm Syndrome,' and actually every other single in the FOUR album besides 'Steal My Girl' and 'Night Changes.' It's just a whole bop, really." -Jane, 20

"'They Don't Know About Us' from the Take Me Home album. Personally, feel ko this album was their best album because it has a lot of good songs that showcased their vocal abilites. This song was a standout  for me because I really liked the piano sequence during the opening. Also, ang lakas maka-emo ng song because it's about secret love and mafefeel mo talaga 'yung emotions from the way they sang it . To add, 'Last First Kiss' is their second best underrated song in this album." -Zarah, 23

Started stanning them in 2010. Cried when Zayn left. Acted strong when they took different directions with hopes of getting back together soon. Yep, that's the story of our lives. Maybe it's time 1D give our hardwork some credit and let us have what we've been desperately longing for this 2020? Whether they perform our favorite underrated tracks or not, it doesn't matter because any 1D song is the best song ever anyway!

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