How to Connect with Your Grandparents While in Quarantine

Karen Jane Ng
Posted at April 22, 2020


Some of us live with our grandparents, and, most of the time, raised by them, given our parents are usually busy working to make sure we get the best life we deserve. As for me, I grew up really close with them that saying "I love you" to them is just a normal day-to-day drill, that they need not to ask me for hugs and kisses because I'll voluntarily give it to them without reason or so.

I guess that it's something that I'll miss during this time of quarantine and social distancing. Though I haven't been outside for over a month - besides the occassional buying of softdrinks in our neighbor's store - I couldn't risk being clingy now, not when I know how they could be vulnerable to the disease. If you're like me, don't worry because I've thought of ways on how we can stay connected with our lolos and lolas in this kind of situation:

1. Watch TV or movies with them. Their beloved teleseryes might be among those that made a comeback on screen so go forth and bond over it. Let them be in their rocking chair, you sit across from them, and, yes, of course, you can tell them how you think about the show. They adore it when you talk. Do not also hesitate to play them movies and watch it together. My lola loves Sarah Geronimo, so we might as well have A Very Special Love marathon!

2. Learn sewing from them or any other crafts that you know that they love to do. Every grandparent has a hobby that they opt to do when bored or even when they just want to keep themselves busy. They'll feel thrilled once you show your willingness to learn from them and eagerness to bond even with the things you never see yourself doing. This can also serve as an exercise for them while stuck at home and save them from worrying about the current state of the world.

3. Cook for them. They're basically the king or queen of the kitchen but why not we steal the limelight from them, for good purposes, and treat them with the best food recipe we know? Or at least with the best one we saw on the Internet. You might not be an expert but we can at least try to make them happy since, for the time being, we can't buy them their favorite congee or binatog from the mall. You might hear some criticisms, but, no doubt, they'll eat to their hearts' content.

4. Just chat with them. Some grandparents aren't always chatty, but when they start talking, they never stop, not unless they've repeated what they said more than once. A piece of advice when this happens, listen and entertain them. Ask questions 'cause definitely, you are curious as to what their lives were like back in the days or let them tell you what you were like when you're still a baby. Then, later, update them with your life at school, about your friends which perhaps you don't usually do.

Our grandparents have watched over us while growing up, a few of us they've even sent to school and packed lunches for. But just because they already stopped doing that doesn't mean our connection with them will be cut, too. It might just be right to take advantage of this quarantine to relive our closeness and show them our big love. When things get normal, who knows how busy we'll be again to do all those things for them, right?

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