Here's How Students Are Reacting To Graduation Postponement

Karen Jane Ng
Posted at April 13, 2020

Not to be dramatic, but just saying.
We couldn't agree more.
It truly hits different.
You tell 'em, girl.
If this isn't dedication, then we don't know what is.
We repeat: We. Can. Wait.
We love this kind of chill, tho.
The one lesson we will never forget...
But don't let the important concerns slip your mind.
It's times like this that we all need to be sensitive.
Being sad over your graduation being postponed is valid.
We shouldn't let the negative energy of 2020 win.
Point taken.
Breaking news: you are still graduating no matter what!


If there's one thing that strongly motivates us to go through school every single day, a thing that we can all collectively agree on, it's graduating. It's the idea that the time when our struggles to wake up at dawn, participate in class, get passing grades, travel home, study, pull an all-nighter, and repeat will come to an end. As much as we'll miss our dear friends, there's nothing that beats the satisfaction to go up the stage and accept your diplomas firsthand. 

But there may some sort of delay for this year's batch to experience that as, earlier, the Department of Education Secretary Leonor Briones has announced that while the enhanced community quarantine is in-effect due to coronavirus, graduation rites shall be postponed - yep, not cancelled. So how are students taking it in considering how much they've looked forward to the day? We gathered some of the internet's reactions to it above.

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