Fans Are Shipping IVANA ALAWI And DJ LOONYO Hard After Boyfriend Prank

Brianne Constantino
Posted at April 08, 2020

Kapamilya stunner Ivana Alawi and viral internet heartthrob DJ Loonyo teamed up for a wacky prank that got a lot of netizens shipping them hard!

In her latest vlog entry, Ivana was looking for revenge against her mother after becoming a victim of a previous prank. Safe to say she and sister Mona Alawi pulled everything off but would Mom approve of her new "relationship"?

The video instantly blew up and has already reached over 4 million views on YouTube less than 24 hours after getting uploaded. Insane! The tandem seemed to have clicked with fans so much that it even became a hot trending topic on Twitter with a lot of people gushing over their natural chemistry.

We see potential! Check out the vlog here:

Courtesy: Ivana Alawi

The dancing DJ, who recently caught the attention of netizens for his eye-opening coronavirus story in China, would later post a dance cover of Soulstice's "Ivana" which he dedicates to the Ang Lihim Ni Ligaya star. We don't know about you but the Loovana ship has definitely sailed!

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