How To Maintain Your Relationship While Social Distancing According To VJ Dani

Karen Jane Ng
Posted at April 06, 2020


For a long time we've been told: Distance makes the heart grow fonder. Cliché, yet we grew up buying it up to now. But hey, it actually turns out to be true as proven by the occuring directives to physically distance from others and quarantine at home, consequently, protecting ourselves from coronavirus exposure. It reminds us what the people around us means to us, which is a lot. We miss our social lives, our friends, and our significant other.

No one warned us that this is going to happen, so, when it did, we can only imagine how couples adjust to the change to keep their romance alive. In the case of "clingy" pair (as they call themselves) MYX VJ Dani Mortel and Kapamilya actor Josh Colet, it wasn't easy especially that they prefer face-to-face conversation than phone calls.

"Pre-quarantine, we’d usually see each other three to four times a week, but that’s only because we take advantage of the free time that he has. When Josh’s schedule gets crazy, it’s really crazy. So when it’s not, I make sure I annoy him and make him grow tired of me," Dani shared. "Kidding aside, I have to admit that I’m no longer used to not having Josh around."

So how do they navigate through it? Here's what VJ Dani told us:

1. Stay in touch. Except for the excuse of having no signal or internet connection at home, communication should be a must. "We talk throughout the day, unless of course we have to work or run errands," noted Dani. "We've agreed on talking to each other via video call every night, as much as we can." And without even realizing, they've been talking more now but via screen. In quarantine or not, Dani believes, "Communication is a lot like trust— it’s also the backbone to a relationship. "

2. Keep each other posted. It might sound too much for others, but not exactly when you consider the social distancing situation. There's nothing wrong with either filling your partner in about your activities - not necessarily all - or asking theirs. "This way, you two both get an idea of how your partner’s day is basically going to go. This is also a great way to avoid arguments from expectations that might not be met," Dani said citing late replies as a sample scenario. "When he’s run down his agenda for the day, then I’ll know that by a certain time he might be working out, or running errands, etc."

3. Deal with it as normal as possible. The fact is that, staying at home is not what Dani and Josh are used to. Still, they know it's best to make it seem like it's a typical day in their life as a couple. "Recently, we had a dinner date through a video call! I cooked his favorite pasta dish, the aglio olio, grabbed a bottle of wine, and set up a dinner corner in my room. I also dressed up for that special night," the VJ narrated. And what else could be more normal than doing their favorite bonding activity. "We’ve been working out together as well, and although I can’t ask him for a hug or smell his kili-kili after, I can still very much smell his sweat all the way here! Haha! Just kidding!"

Given how physical affection is important in a relationship, you'd think you wouldn't be able to survive this social distancing and home isolation thing. But think about it, there isn't that much of a difference if you just give efforts as tantamount as to what you give to maintaining your bond prior to quarantine days. Learn a thing or two from Dani and Josh. "I really believe that a relationship only works if both parties work hard on it," the MYX VJ concluded. "At first, I thought I won’t ever be able to handle one myself, but then Josh came along, and he never fails to affirm me that this is making us stronger and even more in love with each other."

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