#ChalkGetsReal: Notes to My Virgin Self

Madel Asuncion
Posted at March 31, 2020


In our previous #ChalkGetsReal episode on the meaning of "virginity" to the current generation of young women, we've established that this concept that's usually attached to the sexuality of females isn't and shouldn't be categorical or definitive. Whether someone has had their first sexual encounter or not, it's really not the society's business, but, rather, it's the individual's choice.

And, so we wanted to further the discussion and asked the same set of girls to briefly share their sexual journey, how they're led up to where they are at now, and what they would tell their "virgin self." Here's to hoping that every girl who's starting to be curious about their sexuality learns a thing or two! Quick tip: it's okay, and we support whatever decision you're making as long as you're safe, in touch with yourself, and having fun!

Video Produced by Deiniel Cuvin
Video Edited by Sam Aniciete

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