What to Pack in Your Music Festival Bag

Karen Jane Ng
Posted at March 03, 2020

Music festivals can be both fun and energy-consuming. We're loaded up with great live performances at the same time inconvenience by factors such as hunger and weather. But here's what we should keep in mind as the day of the event gets closer: Whatever hassle we encounter, fulfillment should be atop our overall feelings in the end. It's one of our main reasons for coming, after all.

So, we should let no form of hassle get in the way of us enjoying the moment that we only get a couple of times in a year. And to make sure we achieve that, start with packing these festival must-haves in your bag to have the most convinient and struggle-free experience!

1. Ticket. It's the first thing that you need to make sure that's in your possession before you leave home. Remember the "no ticket, no entry" policy. Nope, having it delivered to you at the venue is def not a scenario you'd want to be in.

2. Power bank. It doesn't matter if you're fully-charged or not. A whole music festival lasts for about half a day to finish, so there's a possibility that you'll run our of battery. Stick with this essentials, and you'll have no problem.

3. Sanitary kit. Considering it's an open, crowded event, you should bring mask, sanitizers or alcohol as part of the COVID-19 preventive measures. Also, make sure to have a pack of tissue which definitely comes in handy when there are only portable toilets in the venue.

4. Medicine. The long fest can give you unwanted headache, nausea, diarrhea, allergies - yep, these things can happen. Prepare for the worst-case scenarios and pack the necessary meds with you like paracetamol and loperamide. Band-aids, too!

5. Sun protection. The days are getting hotter, in case you didn't notice. Since fairs like this are usually held outdoors, we recommend you apply sunscreens, use hats or sunglasses for full protection. Fans, hair tie, and handkerchief are great essentials, as well.

6. Extra shirt. Speaking of the warm weather, it's very important to come carrying an extra shirt with you in case you sweat too much or other accidents. It's better to be prepared than feel gross for the rest of the evening! 

7. Rain coat. Don't forget to bring a waterproof jacket of some sort because sometimes, especially if you think there's a high probability that it would rain. Restrain yourself from bringing umbrellas as most music fest rules prohibit those items inside.

8. Blanket. There's no way you'll make it standing for the rest of the entire show, right? Then see to it that you allot a space for a mat or blanket, so you can survive until the end of the music festival. Wouldn't it be nice to chill on the grass while listening to your fave music? Plus, the party never stops even when you're sitting down!

To sum up, you'll only be needing to keep things simple and bring a small hand-carry bag with you for the best and relaxed music festival experience. If you're all set, then we'll see you at Wanderland Music and Arts and Festival on March 7 and 8 at Filinvest City Events Grounds, Makati! See updated schedule below:

For the official festival rules, check this out:

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