8 Steps to Follow in Organizing Your Very Own Cup Sleeve Event

Almira Blancada
Posted at February 12, 2020

Without a doubt, cup sleeve events are the new trend that K-Pop fans are obsessing with. If some of you might not know, it's a mini gathering for fans where they will receive a cup sleeve and freebies during the event. As someone who went to a cup sleeve event already, I assure you that it's one of the most fun moments you'll have as a K-pop stan!

But putting up such a detailed event like this surely takes a lot of effort. That's why I took the time to ask my fellow BLACKPINK fan, 21-year-old Ella Jalbuna, who's widely known in the BLINK fandom as @luvvblackpink, the master of BLACKPINK cup sleeve events about how to organize one.

Ella's curiosity about organizing a cup sleeve event started last year when her sister became a regular attendee of cup sleeve events, so every time she hears about it, she couldn't help but think why there were only a few BLACKPINK cup sleeve events in the Philippines. The next thing she knew, she's already looking for a place to hold her first cup sleeve event! To give us a view of what it's like to organize a cup sleeve event, these are the steps she usually follows: 

1. Find the perfect location.

When you look for the location where you want your cup sleeve event to be, there are a few things that you need to consider first. "The accessibility and capacity of the place is a huge factor, it's because you'll have an easier time conceptualizing if you know how the attendees will be able to go to your cup sleeve event and how many there will be." She adds, "This is optional, but I also try the products of the place before booking." 

2. Conceptualize the look. 

You may have noticed that most cup sleeve events have a theme which organizers put a lot of thought into. "My favorite part in organizing a cup sleeve event is choosing a theme! Through working on my designs for the actual cup sleeve and event giveaways, I get a clear vision of what I want the event to look like, that's why this is also where I start to sort the program flow."

3. Plan your budget. 

Organizing a cup sleeve event isn't cheap, so you have to set a budget for the things that you plan to have before, during, and after the event. "In terms of the financial aspect, budgeting is the crucial part. You have to search for a supplier that will produce the fan kit or freebies for an affordable price that won't sacrifice the quality of the products. Plus, you have to ask the cafe if they have a rental fee, but most cafes allow a cup sleeve event as long as the attendees will purchase a drink from them. It becomes a different case when you want to make it an exclusive event where you have to rent the place."

4. Contact suppliers.

Once you finalized the design of the fan kit, the next step is to contact suppliers to be able to produce them. "I want something that the fans could keep for a long time, so I always make sure that the items I put inside the fan kit are stuff that they will be able to use every day. Before proceeding, I ask the suppliers to do a test print first and send it to me. I’m a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to this step since I want the attendees to receive good quality. While I wait for the suppliers to send me the finished product, this is always the time I upload the cup sleeve event poster." 

5. Work on your pre-registration form.

If you want to create a free cup sleeve event, then you don't have to worry about this. But if you're planning to organize an exclusive cup sleeve event, working on your pre-registration form is a must, so you can limit the attendees that can come to your event. "Written in the registration form are the FAQs that the attendees need to know and the deadline of the payment. I usually upload the link of the registration form once I have everything in place. Afterward, I send their confirmation and create a list of the confirmed attendees." 

6. Check if everything is packed and ready. 

Ella is widely popular in the BLINK fandom since she's someone who has the best fan kits when it comes to cup sleeve events. According to her, this is how she takes care of it. "From checking the cup sleeves to making sure everything is complete, packing the fan kit takes a lot of time. That's why once I feel like I'm all set with the fan kit, I do a last-minute checking of the things that I need to set at the event, so I can completely assure myself that everything's ready." 

7. Make the event look aesthetically pleasing. 

Even on the cup sleeve event day itself, there are still a few things an organizer needs to do. "I like seeing my cup sleeve events looking aesthetically pleasing, so I decorate the place, set up the booth, and prepare a designated area where they can claim the freebies, which all follow the theme I conceptualized. I also advise the fans to be extra careful when it comes to handling the event place's property like glasses, furniture, and tables."

8. Have fun! 

Last, but certainly not the least, you organize a cup sleeve event not just for other people to have fun, but for you to celebrate with your fellow fans! "It's hard to find someone that has the same fangirling level as you. I think this is why cup sleeve events existed, so you can bond with someone who understands your fangirl self. It’s like attending a concert, but you're seated, and you enjoy each other’s company." 

Being an organizer of a cup sleeve event is harder than other people think, you have to do a lot of things that take a lot of work, and it can get tiring. Unfortunately, organizers like Ella don't get to eat during the cup sleeve event because they're taking care of the attendees. But the number one reason that drives her is the fact that she gets to be with a bunch of people that share the same interests as her, and she's thankful that she's inside a fandom that's very appreciative. If you want to organize one, Ella wants you to know that as long you are doing it for your fandom and your idol, then that's already a solid start to a successful cup sleeve event! 

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