Here's Proof that Chungha is Nadine Lustre's K-Pop Twin!

Almira Blancada
Posted at February 09, 2020

Local celebs having K-pop idol doppelgangers isn't new to us anymore, we even had Liza Soberano and MOMOLAND's Nancy interacting because a lot of people said they looked quite alike. Now, it's Nadine Lustre's turn.

Thanks to Twitter user @satoorihan, we saw that K-Pop idol Chungha and Nadine have some resemblance with their facial features, they even have the same RBF (Resting Bitch Face) look! While some of you might disagree with us, their facial features aren't the only thing that makes them twins. They also have a lot of similarities when it comes to their characteristics, and here's a breakdown of it all!

1. They physically resemble each other.

From their eyes to their lips, these two physically resemble each other more than you think! There are even moments that fans see a picture that they thought was Nadine's, but was actually Chungha's—and vice versa. Who can blame them when even their side angles look like a carbon copy of each other? We think that if we see these two hanging out together, we'll get confused, too!

2. They're both multitalented.

One of the things that make Nadine Lustre stand out from the actresses of her generation is how incredibly multitalented she is! Besides her superb acting skills, she can also sing and dance. At the same time, she's creative and imaginative, which she proved by directing her and James Reid's music video entitled "Summer." Chungha is widely known in the K-pop industry for her artistry, too. She's only a two-year-old idol, but fans already describe her as an idol of idols. It might be a long shot, but a collab or interaction would be a dream!


3. They have exceptional stage presence.

People always praise Chungha for her ability to give a concert-like every performance even with one song! The same goes for Nadine, who has been awarded numerous times for having this kind of star factor. While most artists can sing and dance, not everyone is blessed enough to have an exceptional stage presence. That’s why the fact that Nadine and Chungha are astonishingly charismatic on stage, it says a lot about the energy that they have as artists!

4. They're fashion stars.

When it comes to fashion, these two serve major sass. Everything that they wear, whether it’s a baggy shirt or a bodycon dress, they make everything look so fiercely hip. Since they both know how to use their keen fashion senses to make any piece a must in everyone’s closet, we get why they’ve become trendsetters in their own right!


5. They are not afraid to be themselves.


One of the things that make an artist inspiring is when they are unapologetically themselves, and this is something that Chungha and Nadine proved numerous times already. They're flourishing because, rather than pretending to be someone else, they live every day as their unique selves. These two aren't only fiercely confident with who they are, they're also both completely honest with what they believe in, and it's because of this that we describe them as queens!

6. They can both stand on their own.

The fact that Nadine can do without a loveteam and Chungha without a girl group proves that they don't need anyone else to be successful. As long as they got talent, personality, and confidence, being their truest selves is enough for them to reach their goals. Nothing is more inspiring than seeing two female artists proving each day that girls can do absolutely anything!

It already amazes that they look alike, but their twinning moments become fascinating because they both exude such powerful aura, which makes them both a representation of #girlpower. We have a feeling that if these two meet in person, they'll vibe immediately! Do you agree with us?

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