"No Need To Post The Entire Concert On Your Story" Sign Draws Mixed Reactions

Renuel Fallore
Posted at February 07, 2020

Newly created local Twitter account @girlswithsign has caused quite a stir among Filipino netizens after it posted its opinion against recording concert performances and posting them as stories on social media.

The sign reads, "No need to post the entire concert on your story," which easily became a well talked-about topic after gaining thousands of likes and retweets. The photo used in the post was taken from the recently concluded PLUS63 Music & Arts Festival in Cebu which was headlined by LANY.

Some agree that concertgoers should live in the moment more to completely enjoy the show, while some believe they can do whatever they want because they paid to see the show and that perhaps they post a lot of moments because they want to show it to their friends who couldn't attend the concert.

Callalily frontman Kean Cipriano liked the post, perhaps agreeing with @girlswithsign.

Over on Instagram, a similar account exists which seems to be where @girlswithsign was derived from. @dudewithsign, which has over four million followers and is managed by a "dude" named Seth from Manhattan, posted the same sentiment back in December: "Stop Posting Entire Concerts on your story."

Check out some of the reactions about this post from the Tweeps below!

How about you? What's your take on this kind of issue? Is it really necessary to post the entire concert on your social media accounts? Let us know what you think by commenting below!

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