#AnuNa2020Na: NADINE LUSTRE Falsifies RICKY LO's Breakup Claims

Camille Santos
Posted at January 05, 2020

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, indeed: Nadine Lustre took a jab at Philippine Star editor and columnist Ricky Lo over an article seemingly confirming earlier reports that she and longtime boyfriend James Reid have already called it quits.

In a scathing message addressed to Lo and the publication, Nadz wrote on her Instagram stories: "First off, that was so low... Second, none of what you said was true and it is never okay to use someone’s mental situation/tragic past just to prove a point. Mental illness is a very sensitive matter."

Screenshot of @nadine's said IG story

"And last, you think you know so much about me, you can't even get my last name right," Nadine added before ending her post with another iconic line: "Anu na, 2020 na!"

In the article titled "JaDine breakup: A case of too much, too soon?" the entertainment writer mentioned the actress' struggle with mentall illness as well as her brother's suicide. This part has since been edited out of the online version of the write-up.

Immediately after that major clapback, the hashtags #Anuna2020Na and #NadineLustre occupied the top two spots of Twitter's Philippine trends.

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