SB19 Reveals Official Fandom Name!

Renuel Fallore
Posted at November 03, 2019

On their Facebook Live video with Tatang Robin and Ms. Hongganda last night, SB19 finally unveiled their official fandom name! The "Go Up" boy group took the time to think things over until they decided to call the fandom... A'TIN! Pronounced as "Eighteen", the boys explained why they chose that fandom name.

On the FB Live video, Sejun said that there will never be SB19 if not for their loyal fans. "So kasi kami, SB19! 18! 19!" Kasi kumbaga syempre 18 muna bago 19. Pag walang 18 (A'TIN), hindi makakarating sa 19," he said.

But the story isn't as simple as you think! He further explained another significant reason behind the said name. "Another meaning, so if you're going to read this, it can be also read as "atin" (ours), so all the success, lahat ng natatamo natin ngayon, Atin 'to! Everything is ours. Hindi lang sa amin, kundi sa inyo rin," he told the thousands of fans watching.

They also explained that the term "Aurums" - the unofficial name of their fan base - started from a group of followers who supported their journey when they were still on their baby steps of their music career.

After unveiling the official fandom name, SB19 treated their fans to a preview of their new song, "'Wag Mong Ikunot Ang Iyong Noo" and thanked all of their fans for believing in them.

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