GERARD WAY Promises Fourth Volume of ‘The Umbrella Academy’ Is Coming Soon

Camille Santos
Posted at September 18, 2019

Gerard Way has some good news for fans of The Umbrella Academy.

Sorry but no, we don’t have updates on the premiere date of the Netflix adaptation’s second season just yet. But we did find out that the My Chemical Romance frontman has released the third volume of the well-received saga and is already working on the fourth. He also promised that "it won’t be too long before [the] new issue hits the stands."

He also celebrated the release of "Hotel Oblivion" and explained what took him so long to finish the third volume. "This one was a long time in the making,” he wrote. “Announced way back in 2009, a lot of things happened in between the announcement and the actual release of this, for @gabriel_ba and myself. Lots of life stuff, other projects, emotional growth and experience gained. Over the years, there were some false starts and every time I came back to the project I had to make it new for myself, fine-tuning the themes and characters."

Missing the Hargreeves family fun? Let every song from the first season take you back to their harrowing adventures here.

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