Here's The Real Reason ZARA LARSSON Is Pushing Back The Release Of Her Third Album

Camille Santos
Posted at August 26, 2019

Fans are growing increasingly impatient for Zara Larsson's third studio album. But the Swedish pop singer explained to her millions of followers on Instagram and Twitter what has been taking her so long.

"When you thought your album was coming out 2019 but due to not feeling satisfied it probably wont so youre going right back in the studio again ~sorry~ yall be like disappointed but not surprised," she wrote on Instagram.

She continues, "I try to not feel pressured about it. To not overthink too much and not listen to others opinion about what i shouldnt do i what i should do. But its really hard to be a popsinger, at least when you want to be mainstream, because you get so judged on every release."

Zara goes on to say that she wants to put songs on there that she loves and would be proud of but she's "just not there yet." She concludes, "I promised myself to not compromise my music and I f**king wont."

On Twitter, she opened up about "feeling lost" while making the third record. "I dont know what i want and its very frustrating," she admits before she jokingly announced that the album will arrive come 2046. Don't worry, babe, we're more than willing to wait.

Zara has previously released a slew of singles that would most likely appear on her upcoming album. It includes "Ruin My Life", "Don't Worry About Me", "Wow", and "All The Time".

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