Here's A Look At EXO's Friendship That Has Stood The Test Of Time

Karen Jane Ng
Posted at August 21, 2019

April 8, 2012 - the day EXO came to our lives. Never forget!
Can no longer keep count of the daesangs they received together.
Remember losing your minds when they performed at the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics?
Nobody seems closer than EXO who've sold out concerts here and there.
Our boys have stood by each other's side for over six million selling albums.
The Dubai Fountain Show bore witness to the group's superior "Power".
Here's to waiting for more EXO Halloween shenanigans!
Only real friends deserve to be invited to a very private family affair like your sister's wedding. Ask Chanyeol.
Imagine how many fashion shows ChanHun and the rest of the members have slayed together?
Who else is gonna take a selfie with them while looking buff at the gym than their EXO bros!
We'll always have a thing for members who supports each other's individual projects, just like what Chanyeol did for Suho.
Name a more ultimate CBX stan than Suho. Oops, there's no one.
We got all emotional when they sent off Kyunsoo to the military, including Lay!
It really hit us hard when EXO surprised MInseok at his fan meeting prior to enlistment. They made our baby cry!
It was their hyung's turn to show his support at EXplOration in Seoul and we were utterly devastated. Do we stan this unbreakable group? 4EVER.

In the seven years EXO has been together, we've come to stan the group for their awesome music and all-out dedication to us. But can we talk about their solid friendship?

What we see on stage is only half of their beautiful bromance in real life. Beyond these idols are loving brothers who achieve countless dreams as ONE - as every K-Pop group should be. Even with Xiumin and D.O on military duty, EXO still keep things tight and we're here for it!

Check out our gallery for photographic proof that you can save or, most likely, will save you.

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