LOOK: Which Of These 30 Local Celebrities Slayed FaceApp's "Old" Filter?

Renuel Fallore
Posted at July 19, 2019

#1: So DJ, would you still love Kath "kahit maputi na ang buhok" niya? We definitely would!!!
#2: We're so down for this old Darren who looks like your rich godfather ready to give you gifts on your birthday!
#3: Looks like Cardo Dalisay will live on beyond 70! As Coco Martin himself captioned on IG: FPJ's Ang Probinsyano #Year2045 #EpisodeOneMillion
#4: Another member of the "Probinsyano" fam joins the fun! Even with the filter, Yassi PRESSMAN still looks... FRESH, MAN. *wink wink*
#5: We're pretty sure John Prats wasn't this old when MYX interviewed him. LOL! Hello, Direk Pratty! #BatangXNoMore
#6: Awww. Has Maja finally found someone she wants to grow old with?
#7: JM is ready for those senior citizen roles, Direk!
#8: Now let's take a look at the "old" versions of the members of #TheNewMYXCrew! Clue: He hosts the MYX Daily Top 10 every Friday!
Yup, it's VJ Edward Barber! It's so cool to see his old and young versions... just like with songs! Watch him on MYX Versions as he plays out the original and remake versions of our favorite songs.
#9: Lola Ylona, still rocking her trademark choker! You can watch this wacky Aussie-Filipina on the MYX Daily Top 10 every Wednesday! She's also on Pop MYX, Pinoy MYX, My MYX, and MYX Wer U At? just like VJ Edward!
Here's the original photo! Speaking of originals, catch VJ Ylona on MYX Versions soon where she'll give us both the original and remake version of the same song!
#10: Tito Robi is out, Lolo Robi is in!
Just kidding, VJ Robi! You actually look like you're just 2NE1--oh, we mean 21--years old. Catch him on the MYX Hit Chart and on MYX News every weekend. He's also on Pop MYX, Pinoy MYX, My MYX, and MYX Wer U At?
#11: Looks like VJ Ai's infectious smile will still spread good vibes 60 years from now! In the meantime, catch her on the Pinoy MYX Countdown and MYX News every weekend! She's also on Pop MYX, Pinoy MYX, My MYX, and MYX Wer U At?
Check out VJ Ai's latest MYXclusive interiew with Kathryn Bernardo on the "MYX Philippines" YouTube Channel!
#12: VJ Samm, still looking cool six decades later! Could she still be trying out new spots on Pop Cooltured?
Check out VJ Samm's latest Pop Cooltured adventure on Facebook (MYX.Philippines) where she tried ginataan milk drink! She's also on the MYX International Top 20, Pop MYX, Pinoy MYX, My MYX, and MYX Wer U At?
#13: Meet our old sweet-and-spicy VJ, Pancit Anton!!!
So cute, VJ Anton! Catch this charming "bibo" kid from Ateneo on Pop MYX, Pinoy MYX, My MYX, MYX Wer U At?, and on the Monday edition of the MYX Daily Top 10!
#14: VJ Aya, kaaya-aya pa rin even with the old age filter! Once a beauty queen, always a beauty queen.
Join VJ Aya on Pop MYX, Pinoy MYX, My MYX, MYX Wer U At?, and on the Thursday edition of the MYX Daily Top 10!
#15: Lola Dani still looks so youthful even with all those wrinkles, doesn't she?
Catch VJ Dani on Pop MYX, Pinoy MYX, My MYX, MYX Wer U At?, and on the Tuesday edition of the MYX Daily Top 10!
#16, #17, #18: "Magandang Buhay" momshies Melai Cantiveros-Francisco, Karla Estrada, and Jolina Magdangal-Escueta as "grandmomshies"!
#19: Probably one of the most unfair transformations. How does Jayda still look the same??
#20: Babyyy, abot-langit ang ngiti ni Maris Racal after 60 years!
#21: Only Joao Constancia can rock that lip ring as a grandpa! And yes, you can still be our bo-bo-boyfriend :) Let's check out how his brothers from BoybandPH look like!
#22: Hanggang kailan kaya kami mag-aabang ng update kina Niel Murillo at Rachel Libres of Idol Philippines? *kilig*
#23: By that time, could Ford Valencia have finally found somebody to share, share the rest of his life, share his innermost thoughts, know his intimate details?
#24: We have a feeling Russell Reyes can still sweep us off our feet and belt those sweet notes... till the end of time.
#25: May unli wrinkles man siya, unli pa rin ang pag-ibig namin kay Tristan Ramirez!
#26: Kapag siya ang nagmahal, pang-forever talaga! So sweet, Mark and Jolina!
#27 and #28: May kinang sa mata na 'di maintindihan, even with FaceApp's old age filter! Jason Marvin and Moira are #goals.
#29 and #30: Last but not the least, another one of our couple #goals that will surely last until they're grey and old--Anne Curtis and Erwan Heusaff!

The trending and much talked-about old age filter of FaceApp has been taking social media by storm. Yup, that's why you've been seeing lots of white-haired, wrinkly faces on your timelines recently!

The improved photo filter basically adds 60 years to your skin, hair, and even teeth—fulfilling your imagination about how you would look like, a good number of decades from now.

It's so fun and easy to do, which is why even these Filipino artists and personalities gave this “old” filter a try.

Take a look at these entertaining photos of 30 local celebrities—including our very own MYX VJs—in this MYXclusive gallery! We've got Kathryn Bernardo, Coco Martin, Darren Espanto, Maris Racal, BoybandPH, Anne Curtis, Moira Dela Torre, and many more!

Who do you think slayed it best? Comment down below!

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