LORDE Updates Fans On Next Album: "Third One In The Oven"

Camille Santos
Posted at June 17, 2019

Lorde just celebrated the two-year anniversary of her Grammy-nominated sophomore album Melodrama and offered fans an update on upcoming new music.

A statement she shared on her Instagram story read: "Apparently Melodrama came out two years ago today. Want to say thank you for how you took that record and made it your own. Swells my damn heart thinking about your love for it and your willingness to go there with me and to dance the way we did together."

The New Zealand-born artist detailed how releasing the album made her feel empty and full at the same time, adding that she "feels like I've grown a lot since then."

"It's a good life you've given me," she said before concluding her message with news on her upcoming third album. "Third one in the oven."
Ever since Lorde wrapped up her Melodrama tour, the 22-year-old retreated back to her homeland and went on a social media hiatus. "I haven’t started properly on the next record yet," she wrote in a newsletter sent to fans in November last year. "But I’ve been teaching myself how to play piano, and here and there little bits come out. I think this next one will probably be born around the piano in my house, me and my friends, keeping it simple."

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