MOIRA On 'Idol' Hopeful LUKE BAYLON: "He's Meant For Great Things..."

Brianne Constantino
Posted at May 18, 2019

MYX Music Awards 2019 winner Moira and her fellow Idol Philippines judges James Reid and Vice Ganda are in the midst of controversy after saying no to hopeful Luke Baylon during last week's episode.

James already said his piece via Twitter, saying that even though Luke is a good singer, they are looking for the "total package" and it just wasn't his time.

Now, the "Tagpuan" hitmaker is breaking her silence about their controversial decision. Speaking to MYX during her thanksgiving media con, Moira said all four of them have different criteria in choosing their "idols". "With me, at the end of the day, you don't have to be a great singer but if you can keep that great tune and you know, maximize what you have and be able to connect, I'm gonna say yes to you."

Moira also said that amidst all the bashing she's been getting from fans, she's sticking with her verdict but also believes Luke will one day get his break. "Us saying no isn't gonna dictate his destiny, you know. He is meant for great things and I really believe that."

The singer, who didn't make it to the end when she joined The Voice, added, "If there's someone who knows that there is room for a lot of second chances and moments, it's me and I know that Luke is gonna do great." Listen to our MYXclusive interview below:

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