TAYLOR SWIFT Drops Hints On 'TS7' In New Magazine Feature

Brianne Constantino
Posted at May 12, 2019

Pop royalty Taylor Swift has finally kicked off the colorful and vibrant 'TS7' era and she's dropping all the clues and Easter eggs we need!

In an interview with Alex Suskind for Entertainment Weekly - her first sit-down magazine interview in three years, Taylor finally dropped hints about her much awaited seventh studio album.

Remember that "palm tree" photo on her Instagram that generated fan buzz? Tay said she posted that after finishing the record. "I posted that the day that I finished the seventh album. I couldn't expect [my fans] to know that. I figured they'd figure it out later, but a lot of their theories were actually correct."

Taylor also opened up about her last album Reputation. According to the pop star, "It's definitely the fans that made that tonal shift in the way I was feeling. Songwriters need to communicate, and part of communicating correctly is when you put out a message that is understood the way you meant it."

She added, "Reputation was interesting because I'd never before had an album that wasn't fully understood until it was seen live. When it first came out everyone thought it was just going to be angry; upon listening to the whole thing they realized it's actually about love and friendship, and finding out what your priorities are."

Courtesy: Taylor Swift

It's safe to say that Taylor's new album will be a complete contrast to her previous release. "I'm trying to convey an emotional spectrum. I definitely don't wanna have too much of one thing . . . You get some joyful songs and you get the bops, as they say. [There are some] really, really, really, really sad songs [but] not enough to where you need to worry about me."

And as for her beloved Swifties being trained detectives, Tay had this to say: "I've trained them to be that way. I love that they like the cryptic hint-dropping. Because as long as they like it, I'll keep doing it. It's fun. It feels mischievous and playful."


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