CHITO MIRANDA Responds To Netizen Calling Him Out For His Lyrics: "Peace And Good Vibes To You Po"

Brianne Constantino
Posted at May 10, 2019

Parokya Ni Edgar vocalist Chito Miranda apparently rubbed some people the wrong way with his recent comments regarding millennials and '90s kids.

During a recent gig in Makati, Chito addressed the '90s kids in the crowd and praised them for not being "too sensitive" compared to today's generation as the band went on to play one of their iconic songs "Silvertoes". Chito said, "Nothing against the millennials pero sometimes ‘yung mga millennials, masyadong sensitive. Pare, noong nilabas namin ‘yung kanta na ‘yan, walang na-offend. Alam niyo kung bakit? Tayong mga batang ‘90s, we don’t get offended by songs."

The ever so outspoken pinoy rock great now clarified his remarks via Twitter, saying he didn't mean to offend millennials. "Again, sorry kids kung na-offend kayo! (whether kung Gen Z ka or Gen Y or millennial or kung pinanganak ka ng 90s, or whatever it is you want to call yourselves), sorry kung na-offend ka sa isang kanta na sinulat nung 1993 ng isang batang gag*."

He later clapped back at a netizen who claimed the lyrics for the song are "problematic in every way possible".

Chito responded with a hilarious comeback of his own after one fan spotted a tweet posted by the netizen. "Peace and good vibes to you po," he wrote.

Speaking of the hit '90s anthem, check out PNE's rocking performance of "Silvertoes" during their Matira Matibay concert below:

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