Get Up And Dance With KEN SAN JOSE In "Lose Control" Video

Camille Santos
Posted at April 12, 2019

Unknown to many, World of Dance Philippines finalist Ken San Jose is a triple threat: he can dance, sing and act.

So, while he may not have brought home the coveted WOD crown, everyone—yes, everyone—knew for sure that there’s a brighter future ahead for this 17-year-old lad. And he proved just that when he unleashed the dance-y music video for his debut single "Lose Control" under Cornerstone Music.

Courtesy: Ken San Jose

Speaking with MYX, Ken explained how he was very much involved in the creative process of both the song and its music video. "[Cornerstone] really asked me what I wanted [the song] to be like, and the kind of style I wanted it to be... They allowed me to choose a lot of the things that were part of the whole experience."

As a matter of fact, Ken choreographed the accompanying visual for "Lose Control." He added, "I really wanted every single aspect of the song to be strong and it was."

As for an album, Ken can only reveal so much since it's still a "fresh plan," but he did confirm that they're set to start working on an album.

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