LANY Wants To Become The Next COLDPLAY!

Karen Jane Ng
Posted at April 10, 2019

LANY has come a long way and they're showing no signs of slowing down. In fact, they're eyeing to be something just like Coldplay.

"Coldplay is the ultimate example of what we would like to become, and they are such an international act," frontman Paul Klein told CNN Chile. He said when it comes to playing around the world, they want to be as big as the British rock band.

"Coming here (Chile) and traveling as much as we do, yeah, it is exhausting, but it’s how we’re gonna become the next Coldplay," added Paul. "Which is what we would love to be able to aspire to be. So it’s cool to be down here and then to know that there are people camping out at Starbucks at the lobby of our hotel because they know who we are. It’s such a nice feeling and such a nice sign." Nobody said it would be easy and Paul knows, but that's not gonna stop them.

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