8 BTS Songs By Our 'Genius Producer' SUGA

Karen Jane Ng
Posted at March 09, 2019

Suga is more than just a BTS' rapper. He's a record producer who takes time off from a busy sched to lend his musical aptitude to fellow Korean singers like D-Town and Suran. And with only a few days left, Suga's much-awaited new collaboration with Epik High, "Eternal Sunshine", will be out.

He really meant it when he called himself a genius.

Also included in Suga's impressive bio is his mixtape Agust D and his involvement in writing and producing some of our fave BTS songs! Min Yoongi enthusiasts rise and check the Bangtan tracks he made below:


Courtesy: BANGTANTV 


"Let Me Know"

Courtesy: KBS CoolFM

"First Love"

"Boyz With Fun"

"Outro: Her"

"Autumn Leaves"


Courtesy: KBS World TV 

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