You'll Never See HITCHCOCK And SCULLY The Same Way After The Latest ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ Episode!

Camille Santos
Posted at January 21, 2019

We have always seen Hitchcock and Scully as the incredibly disgusting duo in the Brooklyn Nine-Nine bunch, so it never even crossed our mind that they could be THIS HOT and THIS BADASS when they were a lot younger! The pair—played by Dirk Blocker and Joel Miller, respectively—went from this...


Courtesy: Brooklyn Nine-Nine

The said reverse glo-up was featured in the second episode of the sixth season. It begins with a flashback to year 1986 when the two breathtakingly good-looking detectives arrested drug kingpin Gio Costa. Find out more about Hitchcock and Scully's origin story when you watch the entire episode. Nine Nine!

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