This Dancing Meme Of RED VELVET's Irene Is Our New Fave!

Karen Jane Ng
Posted at January 10, 2019

Red Velvet's Irene has inspired a meme and it's definitely our new favorite!

The clip was taken from the K-Pop idol's 44-second video dancing to "Amor Fati" by traditional singer Kim Yonja which was originally uploaded for KBS Music Festival 2018. And as we already know, Filipinos never miss a beat.

Courtesy: KBSKpop

A Facebook page named "the same video of Irene dancing to different songs" uploaded various versions of the video featuring songs like "Beep Beep Beep Ang Sabi Ng Jeep", "Narda",  "Budots" and "Harlem Shake"!

Twitter users also joined the fad, uploading videos of Irene "dancing" to Jose Mari Chan's version of the Shopee theme, Sexbomb's "Pretty Little Baby", and even Bigbang's "Fantastic Baby"! These are hilariously GOLD!

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