NADINE LUSTRE Opens Up On The Possibility Of Working With CAMILA CABELLO, Shares Details About Her New Music

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Posted at October 31, 2018

Nadine Lustre continues to go beyond the ordinary and prove why she’s a Filipina icon as international shoe brand Skechers welcomed her as its first Filipina brand ambassador. Yep, she now officially joins the likes of international pop superstars Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Demi Lovato, Camila Cabello, among others as one of Skechers’ endorsers. 

Having been launched as the global sneaker brand’s endorser at an intimate event slash private party attended by some of her closest celebrity friends, MYX caught up with the 24-year-old star where she opened up about how she feels about being chosen as a Skechers endorser.

“It feels so surreal. Like to be alongside Britney Spears, Demi Lovato, and Camila Cabello. I mean they are all international superstars. Like for Skechers to pick me it’s parang I would never dream of it. Kasi parang isipin mo Skechers actually has a local endorser? It feels great,” Nadine said. 

Now that she’s just inches away from the opportunity of working alongside Skechers’ global ambassadors, Nadine shared why she would choose to do a campaign with chart-topping pop artist Camila Cabello given a chance to pick one celebrity among the sneaker brand’s roster of empowered women endorsers. 

The Kapamilya star, who just like Camila Cabello also fuses fashion with her distinct musical style, cited similar qualities between them. “Camila Cabello represents a modern woman. She’s very fierce. She’s very headstrong - fearless. But at the same time, she embodies the perfect modern woman.”

Kicking off her first campaign with the 90s classic Skechers D’Lites collection, Nadine can only give one reason why she couldn’t be any happier as a performer to wear her new pair of shoes next time she hits the stage. “Well, I perform in sneakers all the time,” she said. 

Asked to choose between style and comfort, she answered: “You know what, that’s the reason why there’s the D’Lites. Because you don’t have to pick anymore. There’s style and there’s comfort so, why pick ‘diba?” 

Speaking of music, Nadine - who has a total of 9 MYX Music Awards trophies under her belt - also shared why Careless Music Manila's mixtape feels special to her. 

“It’s very diverse because we have rappers and there are pop artists. I’m in the pop area. So there’s RnB also. Iba’t-iba talaga. Like you’ll get a little bit of everything,” she said. 

“It’s just amazing. Like there’s no word to describe it. Like you don’t need an explanation. Actually, we had a listening party. Kami-kami, the whole Careless crew. And after that listening party, I couldn’t listen to any other music. I’m just really excited. I know everyone’s been waiting for this mixtape for the longest time," she added. 

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