Here's Why JOE JONAS Will Always Have A Special Place In Our Hearts

Karen Jane Ng
Posted at August 15, 2018

They say first love never dies and this is especially true when it comes to our love for Joe Jonas.

His bachelor days may soon be over but you can't just expect us to move on that quick from our childhood dream of marrying him. Our hearts still melt for Sophie Turner's fiance and here's why we will always be on Team Joe:

He's the voice we hear inside our heads (yes, the reason why we're singing)

Courtesy: DisneyChannelUK 

He's still the same funny guy we met in 2005

He doesn't age... still a babe

He's hot, duh!

He has the best choices of hairstyles


He never forgets

He gave us Shane Gray


He's the best ex, supporting Demi Lovato all the way


And when he look us in the eyes, oh God, everything just becomes alright! We love you, Joe!


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