Meet VJ SAMM: 7 Things To Know About The New MYX VJ!

Camille Santos
Posted at June 30, 2018

For someone who made the big decision to skip her graduation ceremony and await the uncertain, Samm Alvero—now VJ Samm—is not only a risk-taker, she also has no regrets. “Syempre umiyak naman ako na I wasn’t there, but I love what I’m doing now. I wouldn’t change it, I’d still make the same decision if I’d have to do it again.” The 21-year-old communications graduate from Ateneo had a very good reason for choosing the MYX VJ Search Finals, anyway.

“‘Yung [graduation] ko kasi, ending na eh. Yun na yung last part of that part of my life which is school. Sure naman nang ga-graduate ako,” she remarks. “So I was thinking, pa’no kung manalo ako sa MYX tapos wala pala ako dun, ‘di ba? That’s something I’m gonna miss out on.” And it looks like she made the right decision after all—now this lady is one of the newest faces of the Philippines’ number one music channel.

When you look back from a year ago, do you see yourself doing this? I ask Samm.

“No,” she exclaims. “Promise! I tell everyone this, parang if you ask me a year ago where I think my life would be, sobrang different.” She has a habit of talking fast—a way to hide her social awkwardness, she tells me later on. “And the way I am now in terms of confidence, and who I am, super different if you ask me. Sobrang shy ko pa a year ago.”

Then, of course, there’s the first day jitters that no one—even the bubbly Samm—can shake off.  “I make weird noises,” she says when asked how she gets past it, then proceeds to make weird noises. “But the jitters naman, they go away once the camera starts rolling.”

Samm believes she’d just be a normal “out-of-college fresh grad”, most likely job hunting in the advertising and public relations field if she didn’t take the chance with MYX.

Clearly, things have started to fall into place for the MYX VJ, but it doesn’t stop there: Samm still has a lot more up her sleeve that we didn’t know about before today. Here they are:

She is a hardcore rap fan

Samm attributes her affinity to rap music to two things: her brother who exposed her to different music genres at an early age, and to rap being similar to “musical poetry.” Admittedly, she cried the whole time she saw her favorite rapper of all time, Chance The Rapper, perform at the Governors Ball Music Festival in 2017.

She loves Shanti Dope "as in exage"

It’s at the point wherein she tweets about the teen rapper every week! “I just recently started listening to Shanti Dope, and sobrang na-inlove talaga ako sa music n’ya. I’m so proud that he’s Filipino.” Her favorites? “Nadarang” which, she says, has a special place in her heart, and “Shantidope”.

She shoots film

We’re talking about the old cameras here, people, the one your parents or grandparents have most likely stashed in the attic. A class she took in school got her falling in love with film photography, including the elements of surprise and imperfections that go with it. “I just like to take [pictures] of random stuff, and it’s fun for me not being able to know what [they] look like until I have them scanned.” 

She "hearts" New York

Out of all the places she’s been to, it’s no surprise that Samm loves the Big Apple the most. In fact, this travel junkie’s affinity to a fast-paced environment could be closely associated with her sun sign Aries. “One day talaga I wanna move there kasi it fits the kind of person that I am. Kailangan mabilis, kailangan you have to be efficient, you have to be on time palagi. It’s always like that and you always have to adjust to a lot of people.” 

She lost 80 pounds in under a year of exercising

Back in 2014, Samm recalls gaining so much weight and shedding 80 pounds in less than a year. How? The girl got into indoor cycling! “Ever since then, exercise has been a part of my life. I try to work out at least two or three times a week.”

She has a part-time job which somehow prepared her for MYX

She's almost always at the indoor cycling studio that she works out in so she realized it would be best to apply for part-time work there. Unexpectedly, working at the studio’s front desk helped Samm come out of her shell and learn to talk to different kinds of people. “It helped prepare me for where I am now."

She is an advocate of body positivity

I used to care so much about what people think of me, to the point na they’re holding me back,” Samm admits. When she turned 21, it’s like she was slapped in the face and realized that she need not worry about what other people think of her. "I have a big butt, I have big thighs and I’m not perfect. I’m not super thin. If that’s the body that God gave you, you should take care of it. Treat it like a temple.”

Yup, this girl is really worth emulating! Catch VJ Samm on your favorite MYX shows this July!

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