"I Wanna Be A Legend": NORMANI KORDEI On Being Called The Next BEYONCE

Camille Santos
Posted at April 23, 2018

Normani Kordei had no qualms when she said she wants to be a legend like Beyonce and Rihanna.

Speaking with the gang at the Zach Sang Show, the 21-year-old star reacted to people calling her the music industry's next Beyonce and Rihanna. "I'm like for real, cause I love them so much, and I want to get to that level."

She added, "Being honest with myself, I know I have work to do to get to that. Those are the greats, and I wanna be a legend."

Normani is currently in the process of helming her first solo album since FIfth Harmony went on an "indefinite hiatus" earlier this year. She's been working with The Stereotypes, Monsters and the Strangerz, Sarah Aarons, Sailor Heart, Victoria MonĂ©t, and Ester Dean for her first record.

Watch Normani gush about Beyonce and other stuff during the interview here.

Courtesy: Zach Sang Show

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