MYXclusive: Our New Boyband Obsession WHY DON'T WE Has A Message For Filipino Limelights!

Karen Jane Ng
Posted at April 11, 2018

Boybands won't ever go away. If Grammy-winning icon Ed Sheeran can admit that himself by writing a song for 2018's biggest breakout group, then why don't we?

Currently on the MYX charts with "Trust Fund Baby" which was penned by Ed, Why Don't We is often compared to your original obsessions who kinda saved your teenage lives. But no, they're not filling any void here.

"We're just tryna make our own music that we like to make... We just love making music and if people were fine with it, then we’re fine with it,” Daniel Seavey told in a phone interview. “It’s cool that you’re even seeing us on the same boat with someone… but hopefully we do it our way and hopefully we do it well.”

Yes, they can because they learned from the best. “Beatles! The Beatles for sure! We look up to them a lot,” said Jack Avery. “I feel like they did a sound that no one expected from a group like them. They just did it their way however they wanted to do it and I feel like in the current world now, there’s a really expected sound from a group. It’s just that it’s fun to kind of not do what they expect from your band and just do it your way. Have some edge. Have some fun.”

Hailing from five different US states, Daniel and Jack along with Jonah Marias, Corbyn Besson and Zachary Herron were solo acts for quite some time before officially debuting as one with "Taking You".

Courtesy: Why Don't We

WDW eventually charmed their way to the heart of Ed Sheeran. How crazy is it to have one of your biggest inspirations write a song for you, right? “He found us I think just on YouTube or something, saw our videos and really liked what we’re doing. Then he kinda reached out and said he has a song for us… It was just crazy, something we dream of doing,” Daniel recounted.

Jack and Daniel also talked about their hardcore Filipino limelights and you might want to keep tweeting them and get your trust fund ready, baby, after you hear what they have to say below:

Do you want Why Don’t We to come and play in the Philippines? Send us a comment!

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