'Are You The Guy???': MIKE POSNER Finds The Man Who Gave Him Pill In Ibiza

Posted at April 07, 2018

It's been almost three years since Mike Posner released his infectious hit "I Took I A Pill In Ibiza," but unfortunately, he didn't get the name of the man who inspired him to write the Grammy-nominated track. 

But just a couple of days ago, an Irish man named Bren Dunne reached out to Mike Posner on Twitter and introduced himself as the one who gave the American singer-songwriter and record producer the magical pill in Ibiza.  

"@MikePosner member that pill I gave you in Ibiza at avicci," Dunne asked. 

"Why’d it take u so long to reach out bro!!! Of course I remember haha," Posner replied.

So why exactly did it take him SOOOOO long to reach out to Mike? As it turns out, he was clueless about the track and its global success. Thanks to his cousin who showed him a 2015 interview with Mike, he found out about how crazy things went after his encounter with the Michigan pride. 

"Never thought u would remember it  didn’t realise how big the track went man then my cousin sent me a interview we’re u describe it I was like that’s mad," the Irish native explained. 

And now, radio stations all over Detroit want to do an interview with him. 

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