LOOK: CL Has The Best Response To A Hater Who Called Her A "Fat B*tch"

Camille Santos
Posted at April 05, 2018

2NE1 member CL is not taking sh*t from anyone! South Korea's baddest female clapped back to a body shamer who called her a "fat bitch" after she shared throwback photos on her Instagram stories. 

CL responded to the offensive remark like a true champ. She wrote, "Just looking in the mirror right now and not gonna lie! I am LOVING what i see!!"

Drops mic.

The Instagram user is nowhere to be found and the interaction seemed to have been deleted as well. Fortunately, screenshots saved us all and we can keep this gem of a clapback for years to come. 

Recently, Vogue caught up with the singing-rapping K-pop sensation for a round of "73 Questions". Watch the fun interview below:

Courtesy: Vogue

What are your thoughts on body shaming? Tell us in the comments!

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