No One Can Kill The Vibe Of Rising R&B Artist MARTEEN!

Karen Jane Ng
Posted at March 10, 2018

Babyface. Off-trend hairstyle. Noncheesy lyrics. You think these make Marteen an unacceptable popstar? No, thank you. He knows what he wants and in fact, he already has it going on.

The rising teen R&B artist started off just like any young aspiring musician - posting song covers online. But unlike them, he "had a lot of people around that were in the music business".

Marteen's passion was unexpected.  "I kind of grew the passion to sing out of nowhere. Honestly, I was playing sports for a couple of years and it kind of just came out of nowhere," Marteen said. "(I) started recording covers. I learned guitar in YouTube and started doing it everyday and it's just how it kinda happened."

When his spicy debut single "Sriracha" was released in 2017, Marteen's career came around successfully leading radio shows everywhere.

Courtesy: Marteen

He has already toured with some of today's biggest artist including Dua Lipa, Fifth Harmony, Bryson Tiller to his cousin Kehlani, and performed with Khalid. "People always tell me that people double my age... [they] haven't gotten [these opportunities] so I feel great."

Marteen was also featured on Kehlani's "What It's All About". Asked what's it like to have her as a family, "she has this positivity just like I do and, you know, she wants to make sure that I'm happy while I'm at it. She always asked me that so I always make sure that whatever I do makes me happy."

The young star's EP NO THANK YOU arrived last February and with an album title like that, he bent on doing things his way. "They want me to stay in this box of what they think I should be," Marteen explained. "I'm gonna do me regardless your opinion."

Even if he missed being a normal kid, like hanging out with friends and such, Marteen sure loves his life now and wouldn't have it any other way. "I don't know. I feel like this is the right time to do music for me and be in the spotlight. I feel like I don't wanna wait any longer." We believe so, too.

Catch our MYXclusive phone interview with Marteen below and learn more about what he has to offer and his celebrity crush!

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