WATCH: HALSEY Shares Sexual Assault Experience In Emotional Poem

Posted at January 23, 2018

It’s no secret that Halsey is a strong advocate of women empowerment. In fact, most of her songs deliver strong messages of feminism driven by her personal experience of abuse. 

During the recent Women’s March, Halsey bravely delivered an emotionally moving speech about her horrifying experience of getting sexually assaulted in the past. Inspiring thousands of women across the globe, Halsey took to Instagram to share how emotional she had become while reciting her self-penned poem ‘A Story Like Mine’.

"I didn’t realize how emotional it would be for me to speak my truth but it was. And I’m so happy I did it. The support I’ve received since is overwhelming and it’s humbling and as a POET (which I always have been, songs or not) it was unbelievable to see people actually get the message," she wrote. Watch her full speech below: 

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