Here's Why You Should See 'Black Mirror' Season 4 Right Now

Posted at January 05, 2018

It’s been a more than a week since Black Mirror returned to Netflix, but fans still can’t get over its new set of mind-boggling anthologies. 

If you haven’t seen a single episode of Black Mirror yet, then we’re telling you this: you’re missing out on a show that captures how technology in the modern world is transforming our daily lives in a terrifying way. 

But if you’re a fan of the Emmy-winning series and you happen to not caught up with its newest season yet, then it’s about time you binge-watch watch all of its paranoia-inducing episodes. 

So why exactly should you see its fourth season?

For one, the new set of unanticipated consequences from each storyline will still leave you in a state of shock. Second, it still has that power to make you ponder upon the horrifying realities that the future of technology may bring.

Though the narratives from Season 4 aren’t as compelling as those from past seasons, we can assure you that the new episodes are just as exciting to watch. 

To give you a peek at what Black Mirror has for you this season, check out the trailers for all six episodes below:

1. Arkangel

2. Crocodile

3. Black Museum

4. Hang the DJ

5. U.S.S. Callister

6. Metalhead

Courtesy: Netflix Philippines

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