The Company's "Lighthearted"

Posted at June 20, 2010

Always in Good CompanY
Album review on The CompanYÆs new album, Lighthearted

I like the way that Moy Ortiz put it in his liner notes for Lighthearted, the latest CD by The CompanY. ôAmidst the chaotic cacophony of 21st century living, it is quite healing to get back to the basics, de-stress and just take it easy.ö

And take it easy is just what the countryÆs foremost performing group does in the very light Lighthearted. The CompanY is known for its extraordinary vocals. The members can really sing and they harmonize beautifully. They can also be counted on to put their distinctive stamp on any song. Be it originals like Everlasting Love or Muntik Na Kitang Minahal, which I must say, have become much loved standards, or covers of anything, they will make it sound like something by The CompanY.

And that is just what Moy, Annie Quintos, Cecile Bautista, Sweet Plantado and Jay Marquez did with 14 of todayÆs hits. For the uninitiated or those who live in the backwoods of Timbuktu, let me tell you that the rule nowadays is you are not hip if you do not like these sounds. Okay let us say, you do not really have to like them, but you surely must have listened to them a few times these past few months and know some people who think these are the coolest songs ever.

Take a look at the trendy tunes that The CompanY have chosen to include in their Lighthearted album. Empire State Of Mind, by Jay-Z and Alicia Keys; Do You Remember by Jay Sean; Thinking Of You by Katy Perry; One Less Lonely Girl/Boy by Justin Bieber; Fireflies by Owl City; Half Of My Heart by John Mayer; Fifteen by Taylor Swift; LetÆs Just Fall In Love Again by Jason Castro; Lucky by Jason Mraz and Colbie Caillat; Smile by Lily Allen; You Belong With Me also by Taylor Swift; Two Is Better Than One by Boys Like Girls; Good Girls Go Bad by Cobra Starship; and Where Are You Now by Honor Society.

With Sunny Ilacad, who did those hit CDs by Princess, as producer and arranger, Moy as vocal arranger put The CompanY through their paces singing songs they never imagined performing. Think Taylor Swift or Owl City, let alone recording these. But as the age-old rule has always emphasized, you can do anything with a beautiful melody.

And that, is what all these songs have in common. Beautiful melodies. You can slow these down, quicken, set to a new beat or strip them down to the basics, etc. And at the end of the day, these will still be what they were at the beginning, beautiful melodies.

So while they may have started out with unfamiliar titles at the start, The CompanY soon found themselves facing only beautiful melodies. The group is celebrating their 25 years in the business, they certainly know their way around those.

The album Lighthearted is still a certified top seller in leading record bars. Watch out for The CompanYÆs special MYX Versions episode. This was conceptualized due to the high ratings of the groupÆs recent MYX Live! guesting.

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