Singapore loves acoustic: SabrinaÆs I Love Acoustic Promo Tour

Posted at November 08, 2010

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The Acoustic fever proves to be insurmountable as MCA MusicÆs Asian Acoustic Sweetheart SABRINA mesmerizes Singapore! After achieving the Double Platinum Status in Asian territories, I Love Acoustic & Sabrina was ready to set the stage, and the first stop was Singapore.

October 21-24, 2010 etched a mark in MCA MusicÆs history as SABRINA left Singaporean audiences in awe during her Singapore tour to promote her albums I Love Acoustic & I Love Acoustic Too. After I Love Acoustic topped the retail charts with just a few weeks after its release, Universal Music Singapore invited Sabrina to perform and have a special ôby invitation onlyö showcase to promote their latest release, I Love Acoustic Too.

The 4-day promo period consisted of a round of radio guestings and performances in SingaporeÆs major radio stations (Power98, Class95, RIA, 987), a guesting for RazorTV, print interviews, a retail visit to SingaporeÆs biggest retail store û HMV, a meet & greet session, a performance in the Philippine Fair and a Class95 showcase at Movida, in Sentosa.

Audiences were delighted and were impressed by the youngbloodÆs talent. Her smooth, mellow and relaxing voice left a spell among the people. To quote spinorbinmusic:

ôEveryone knows that most singers sound amazing on their studio productions. What defines them as a real singer, a true performer, is their ability to rock it out live too. SabrinaÆs sets donÆt sound like her studio recordings û they are worlds better. HereÆs the thing about SabrinaÆs vocals û it is so smooth, oh-so-like butter, it melts into you, and it stays.ö

The meet & greet session also proved how loyal SabrinaÆs international following is. In spite of the heavy rains, people stayed in order to get a picture with Sabrina as well as to listen to her songs. Some members of the audience flew from Indonesia just to get a glimpse of the Acoustic Sensation. At the end of it all, Sabrina felt overjoyed and elated for having the opportunity to perform in front of the Singaporean and Filipino audience.

Special thanks to Universal Music Singapore, Class 95 and MCA Music for making this possible.

In the Philippines, SabrinaÆs latest release, I Love Acoustic 3 continues to soar in the charts! It has already reached the # 1 spot in one of the major retail stores, and the carrier single, SabrinaÆs rendition of the Justin Bieber hit ôBaby,ö continues to receive massive airplay. The music video recently premiered in local music channels as well.

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